Providing comprehensive workforce transportation solutions

North Sands Workforce Logistics was formed in 2013 by the owners of Flair Airlines. To provide comprehensive workforce transportation solutions to a range of companies operating in the natural resource development and heavy construction industries in Western Canada.

Workforce transportation has become an increasingly important component of resource development projects, which require a large number of workers with a broad range of skills, both to develop the infrastructure and to operate it on completion. The ability to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the transportation and delivery of skilled workforces is a key component in the successful operation of many remotely-located major projects. North Sands Workforce Logistics is exclusively focused on the needs of clients in this sector.

North Sands Workforce Logistics employs a team of experienced aviation professionals who understand the projects we service and workforce transportation dynamics and who are able to provide start-to-finish trip planning, management and tracking services. Backed by Flair Airlines Ltd. and with an established network within the air carrier community in Western Canada, North Sands can manage the movement of both large and small workforce complements to project sites serviced by international, regional or local airports.

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